Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

We are experienced exporters of Farm Fresh fruits and Vegetables, Dehydrated fruits and Vegetables, we have built strong relationships with International buyers worldwide.

  • Direct Sourcing: We have built sustainable relationships with growers enabling key enabling us to get quality products directly from the farm
  • All services such as packing, private labels and palletisation are done according to buyer requirements
  • All deliveries are temperature controlled maintaining the cold chain from farm to client.

Farm Fresh Fruits

We are a leading global supplier of Pineapple, Banana, Grapes, Lychee and Pomegranate. We are involved full year in growing, guiding growers to help optimize crop production quality and quantity, from initial field-testing to full-scale production. Our constant care for product quality and safety allows us to meet the different buyer requirements.

Farm Fresh Vegetables

By sourcing locally and from across the world, we offer our clients an extraordinary range of vegetables of extreme high standards.


We supply high quality dried fruit to leading importers, mainly in Russia, UAE and UK.

  • Cashew is mostly sourced from Ivory coast, Madagascar and Tanzania and supplied locally to retailers and processing units
  • Raisins/Kismis: We are leading export of grapes to Europe, grapes removed while pruning from bigger bunches are used for Raisins making. We use traditional and hygienic methods for drying the fresh grapes. We do not use sulphur or any chemicals in drying process.


  • Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables
  • Frozen and Canned Fruits


  • Alcohol-infused fruit
  • Chocolate-covered fruit
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Canned Fruit
  • Dried Fruits
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